Your Continence Matters
Your Continence Matters

Sue Hill

As an NMC Registered Nurse, I have worked within the field of Continence Promotion for 15 years and gained experience in both Commercial and NHS sectors as a Continence Nurse Specialist.


I registered as a Nurse in 1998 after graduating from Liverpool John Moores University with a Nursing DipHE, but later decided to study further to gain a BSc in 2005.   After a few years of gaining general experience, I decided to specialise in Continence care and studied for the ENB 978 in  Continence Promotion, which I passed in 2002.


Since that time, I have worked in a number of  continence nurse roles, both in and out of the NHS, working with men and women of all ages with bladder and/or bowel problems.  This has either been in a clinic setting, in clients own homes or within a care home, with the aim of improving a person's incontinence to a level that is acceptable to them (if not resolved) and restores their dignity and quality of life. 


Many clients often have other health problems which may be impacting their bladder and bowel function, and in my clinical roles, I have successfully worked with individuals who have a variety of long term conditions (such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons disease and Spinal injury).


In addition to this, I have worked with care homes by providing relevant training and assisting staff in finding appropriate management for their residents which can include reviewing the use of products and ensuring that they are used efficiently and effectively.


I am a mum of two girls, and have made the decision to begin 'Your Continence Matters' to be able to offer  a personal,  high quality service which is is  something that is very important to me.   In order to do this I participate in ongoing learning and follow NICE guidance in developing personal treatment/management plans in partnership with you, plus I have a network of other health and fitness professionals that I can refer to, if appropriate.


Sometimes it is not possible to resolve the incontinence but with my knowledge and experience of a variety of aids, appliances and product to maintain your continence or manage your incontinence, I can advise you on suitable products for your needs.



A Member of the RCN and Association of Continence Advice, I also have a current DBS.



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